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and we have to recognize that there are going to be regional differences and gee graphic differences. the experience the people have of guns in an urban neighborhood may not be the same as in a rural community. but, we know, for example, from polling, that universal background checks are universally supported just about. by gun owners. the majority of gun owners, overwhelming of gun owners think that's a good idea so, if we have gotten lobbyists in washington claiming to speak for gun owners, saying something different, we need to go to the source and reach out to people directly. we can't allow those filters to get in the way of common sense. that's why i need everybody who is listening to keep the pressure on your member of congress to do the right thing.
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ask them if they support common sense reforms like requiring universal background checks or restoring the ban on military style assault weapons and high capacity magazines. tell them there is no legislation to eliminate all guns. there is no legislation being proposed to subvert the second amendment. tell them specifically what we're talking about. things that the majority of americans when they are asked support. and tell them now is the time for action. that we're not going to wait until the next newtown or the next aurora,
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to see the pain and the heartbreak, from wondering why this precious life, this piece of your heart, was in the wrong place at the wrong time. it changes you. you're not the same afterwards. and obviously whatever that experience is like, is nothing compared to the experience those families are actually going through. makes you realize that if there's even one thing we can do to keep our children and community safe, just one step we can take to prevent more families from feeling what they feel after they've lost a loved one. we've got on obligation to take that step. we've got an obligation to give
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our police officers and communities the tools they need to make some of the same progress that's been made here in minneapolis. there won't be perfect solutions. we're not going to save every life but we can make a difference. that's our responsibility. as americans. and that's what i'll do every single day as long as i've got the honor of serving as your president. so thank you, god bless you. god bless the united states of america. thank you. [applause] ♪ >> the president speaking in minneapolis this afternoon, talking gun control and legislation he is hoping for. universal background checks elm wants that. limits on magazine capacity. he wants that. and all-out ban on assault weapons, saying our police should never be outgunned. i'm shepard smith in new york. and the president tries to rally to reduce gun violence in
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support on the road. to peek in minneapolis, a city the white house says has successfully cut down gun crime. he met with local leaders about their strategies and then rid rated his proposal for tougher gun laws, and a renew ban of assault weapons, limiting amounts of bullets a magazine can hold. as the president makes his case on the road, his opponents are taking to the air waves. yesterday the chief executive of the nra explained the nras opposition to so-called universal background checks which polls show a majority of . >> it's a fraud to call it universal. it's never going to be universal. the criminals aren't going to comply with it. they could care less. you've already senior going to computerize the mental health records. we ought to quit calling it
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universal check. the title ought to be the check on law-abiding people in the country. >> the nra says prosecutors need to crack down using the laws on the books. we're live in washington. much the same pitch we have been hearing. >> that's right, shep. a familiar approach. the president leaving the beltway, going out to the middle of the country and pitching an idea and saying, here's a placey they have done this. they have cut violent crime, and these are common-sense measures we can take to seive one life, and making the case to the american public that although we may not agree on everything in his approach, that doesn't mean we should do nothing, and so a familiar approach in taking his campaign out on the road, to stump in front of the american people to put pressure on congress to take action. >> mike, we heard what the nra does not want to do. does the nra support anything? >> they do because they say essentially that the bottom line
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is, mental health is a major issue. if you look at these high-profile crimes we have seen, a lot of it's due to people who shoot be handling a weapon. so saying you fix the mental health him in, and every officer knows people on the streets that should be institutionalized. so you have to change the civil commitment laws, fund the mental health system and while they don't like universal background checks because criminals won't i bay, they say there are ways to make sure weapons don't get in the hands of those who shouldn't have them. >> we don't have laws against murder because people will murder where there's law against it or not. the former navy seal who survived four tours in iraq -- four -- and wrote a best-selling books on becoming a sniper --
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the sheriff at the shooting range says christ kyle and a friend were working with this man right here, a former marine named eddie ray rout, and he may have been struggling with post traumatic stress disorder. they seem confident he was suffering with something. whether it was related to combat or not is not matter. he didn't actually serve in combat. cops say this man, eddie ray routh killed the two men, drove off in the former seal's truck and told his sister what he did. we're told the sister then reported it to police and the cops arrestedie routh after a short chase. cries kyle was a highly decorated american hero who recorded more than 150 kills in iraq. he later founded a nonprofit tee voted to helping fellow soldiers cope with visible and invisible
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wound of war and made sever appearances on this network. >> do you ever now, looking back, have in regrets about anything you did? >> ey, i do. i have some people i could save. >> the americans you couldn't save? >> americans, the local iraqis, anyone who i witnessed violence coming down on them and i could not save them. i mean, war is hell. it's -- hollywood makes look good war sucks. >> chris kyle earned more than a dozen awards and decorations, including two silver stars and five bronze stars. casey is here. does the suspect have a criminal history sneer what do we know? >> we're getting reports his girlfriend apparently called dallas police on him a few weeks ago, but he was not arrested. he was given a criminal trespass warning and then reportedly taken to an area hospital and taken in for the psychiatric
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evaluation, but as you said, it has not been confirmed by the military that this former marine was diagnosed with ptsd. where we're getting that, the local sheriff here in texas said he was, quote, suffering from a mental illness that may have been a result of his time in the military. we are hearing as well that the suspect's mother had reached out to chris kyle to help her son. kyle leaves behind a wife and two young children. >> ron paul, the former presidential candidate, getting heat from his comments on the killings. >> the former texas congressman sent something out on twitter that was quite a bit controversial. look at the message for yourself. this showed up this afternoon. chris kyle's death seems to confirm that he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. treating ptsd at a firing range doesn't make sense? well, people immediately started retweeting it, saying it was disrespectful. in fact a retired u.s. army ranger saying this kind of therapy at a gun range actually
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makes perfect sense. >> well, shooting for guys like us in the military, is a very familiar skill set april. like taking a basketball player out to shoot hoops, and so shooting with military veterans they're trying to readjust can be very healing, and chris really used that well to his advantage to help people. >> so far ron paul has not responded to the controversial tweet posted to his account today. >> casey, thanks. >> then department of veterans are fairs report nearly 30% of the iraq and afghanistan war veterans have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. we have a psychologist and expert on ptsd. thank you. >> thanks good to be here. >> doctor, is there a solution here? is there something we as a community, who appreciates this
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bunch who is out there filing for our freedom, there is something more we need to being too? >> there definitely is something we need to be doing, shep. i think supporting our troops also has to do with supporting their mental health need when they get back, and one of the things about post-traumatic stress disorder, we're seeing far more of this than we used to in other wars, because we have our soldiers doing so many more tours than ever before, and also suffering traumatic brain injuries at the same time when things explode, they can have closed-head injuries, and that makes the treatment even more complicated, and ptsd can we thought of as our union body's fight or flight system that gets disconnected from the present because it gets overwhelmed in a situation like combat. and so what ends up happening is people start tolter nat between being very flooded by traumatic and going numb and
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disconnecting. so there are various treatments available to try to help people learn how to get back into the present to know when they're safe, and to not end up repeating behaviors that may be appropriate in the battlefield but not in their homes. >> authorities indicated this suspect did have some sort of problem, whether it was ptsd or not we don't know yet. but that said, how difficult is it to get someone to reconnect? because the way you describe it, they sort of tend to go into a world of their own. >> well, they come in and out of it. it's an alternating between feeling need by upseth memories and emotions, and then having to sort of escape from that. they go numb. it's like they hit tilt and it's of if they're is not there. there are defendant approaches and one of the older ways was called flooding, which is -- but there's new treatments that are very exciting that i might want
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to mention. would you be interested in that? >> i'm really short on time. i want to get them on the webs web site, so stay with the producers and we'll get them on the web site. thank you. >> police say they have found eight bodies in the aftermath of a bus crash and they're still digging through the wreckage. we're hearing the terrifying passenger accounts. also, the syrian regime kills its own people. israel's military bombs syrian targets, and israel's leaders -- iran's letters threaten israel. it's a mess right now and doesn't appear to be getting better. the tension in the mideast is much worse than when we left you on friday. we'll update you on that. but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she?
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>> now the bus crash so violent officials are not sure how many
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people died. one person is describing the chaos on the bus, saying it sped out of control downhill for five minutes and then hit a car, flipped over, wound up dangling over a roadside. at least eight people are thought to be dead but officials say there could be more victims in there dozens of other people are still in hospitals, some fighting for their lives, including a young girl. it happened as a group was returning to mexico from a winter resort area east of los angeles. the driver survived and could be the key to figuring out what happen here. that witness says the driver yelled out that the brakes weren't working and to call 9-1-1. he says nobody could get a cell phone signal. >> an iranian official today issued a new warning to israel over the air strikes on syrian military targets. on a visit to doom mass discuss, the head of iran's national security counsell said israel will, quote, regret its aggression against syria,
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unquote. israeli war planes bombed targets outside the city of damascus. u.s. officials say it was a strike on a convoy to lebanon, an attempt to transfer weapons to hezbollah. theoretically, missiles to give hezbollah the able to shoot down israeli jets and helicopters and drones, seriously escalating things. syria claims the israelis hit some research lab and syria and iran are close allies. the iranian regime said any attack on syria is an take on iran. that leads to us jonathan hunt who is live in studio. what from the israeli? >> nothing publicly but they have little choice put to take these threats seriously. they know the chaos is spreading across the region and the threats are becoming greater all
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around them. that's one of the reons they moved some battery of their antimissile defense system, the iron dome, to the north of the country because the don't think any real threat is coming from the iranian military or the syrian military that would be a suicide mission from both countries. the real threat is from hezbollah, the militant group in southern lebanon, and that's a real fear, that iran and syria might use hezbollah as proxies and carry out attacks not on israeli territory itself but terror attack against more vulnerable israeli interests anywhere on the globe. >> all of this believed to be connected to iran's nuclear amibitions. >> we talked about the way the strands are unraveling across the middle east. now it's as if somebody pulled it tight and form a big knot. all comes back to iran. syria's biggest ally, and iran's
12:20 pm
own nuclear amibition. the israeli strike in syria should be seen in that context because if israel was then -- was to strike against iran's nuclear facilities, iran again would likely try to hit back through hezbollah. if hezbollah has more weapons they have more chance carrying out the iranian threat against. all of this becoming more dangerous by the day. >> you don't have to be a sports fan to know people are going to be talking about the super bowl last night for a long time. the colorful calls, the big power outage, we'll look at all of it as word is still in from new orleans that alicia keys is still singing the national anthem. red lobster's 30 shrimp. wow, that's a lot of shrimp.
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all right. raven fans enjoy the day some the year. joe flacco going to disney world. an hour ago he paraded down main street u.s.a. at disney world there outside of orlando after the ravens held on for the 34-31 victory against the niners. that means john hard dow, the older of the coaching harbaugh brothers, has come out on top. he says he is totally defatted for his younger sibling. the younger harbaugh called out the ref for the noncall. he says that was pass interference and holding on the ravens' defense to boot, and that helped end the 49ers chances of a comeback, and certainly did. the game had other prizes, like the moment in the third quarter when all the lights went out. tooktook 34 minutes for the actn to restart. officials and the power company
12:25 pm
say the electrical equipment had sensed a, quote, abnormality in the system. a 49ers linebacker said that ultimately it just took us a little longer to lose. wow. with us now is a long-time newark sportscaster with 77wabc sports. what did you think? >> i thought it was very exciting. it might have been more exciting if they called interference in the zone. 49ers would have gone for a two-point conversion for the here to point lead and baltimore would have gotten the ball with 1:50 left. >> how do you look at that play and say it wasn't interference? >> the defensive player has every right to the ball as much as the offensive player. but he has to play the ball. >> not the back. >> right, not the player. jimmy smith never turns around to look at the ball. i would say that is interference, absolutely.
12:26 pm
>> then there's the failed two-point conversion. >> well, if you look at the replay, ed reed, talk about offsides at the top of the screen. he almost in the 49er back field before the ball snaps. i mean, there is a neutral zone. he is already there now, that could have changed the game because with the two-point conversion, would have been 31-31, and the 49ers would not have had to good for a touchdown at the end. a field goal. they would have trailed 34-31. >> this guy was halfway to -- >> there's an expression in football, the referees swallowed the whistle. in those two plays. that's what it looked like. >> did to me. halftime, there was a lot of buildup for beyoncé. lisp to -- listen to this. ♪
12:27 pm
>> not much production value and boring clothing. aside from that -- >> isn't it possible -- just a theory -- they're saying they don't note what caused the power oatage. what about all the power used at half crimea de. >> the sandy hook kids got up there and there wasn't any dry eyes. look at those little boys and girl. listen to this. ♪
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>> i was just thinking, next year, of course, february 2, 2014, the game will be in metlife stadium, new jersey, home of the giants and jets. suppose the giants or jets make it to the super bowl. the first time that a home team has been the host of the super bowl. so i'm thinking, suppose that call was made against the giants or jets at the end. no interference. >> east river would be filled with people. >> you know, new orleans was a neutral field. >> of course it's going to be 4 degrees. >> could be. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> nearly a week has passed since police say a suspect took a five-year-old boy into an underground bunker. that kid is still underground with the crazy guy. and it appears the child is still trying to cope, and now investigators are revealing some of their first details about negotiations with the suspect. we're live in lower alabama as
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expenses that could really add up. these kinds of plans could save you up to thousands in out-of-pocket costs... you'll be able choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and you never need referrals. so don't wait. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions, and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. this is "studio b." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. one week into the hostage crisis in lower alabama, we're learning new details about negotiations with the suspect who is reportedly holding that five-year-old child in his underground bunker. officials have identified the suspect as 65-year-old jimmy lee
12:33 pm
dykes. this afternoon the sheriff explained some of the talks. >> based on our discussion with mr. dykes, he feels like he has a story that is important to him, although it's very complex. we try to make a safe environment for all for that. >> the suspect feels like he has a story. this all unfolded nearly a week ago in midland city, alabama, a rural town in the south, not far from the border with florida. the gunman reportedly stormed a school bus. shot and killed the school bus driver, and then took this child from the bus. investigators say the boy has since asked for a red hot wheels car and eez-it crackers, law enforcement delivered those items and medication through a pipe that extends down into the bunker.
12:34 pm
we're live in midland. any signs of progress? reporter: well, authorities keep telling us they're engaged with the suspect around the clock. today they say most of the communications are occurring during the day. but they say they can't go into details to address the questions and speculation circulating in the community. >> told me a lot of things that were being said, and i told her i said, we're doing everything we humanly possible we can do to resolve this safely, and bring this wild home. -- bring this child home. >> the sheriff says the suspect continues to allow authorities to deliver comfort items such ass to and medicine and toys to the little boy. show to lines of communication at the very least are still open. >> a five-year-old boy in an area that small for this length of time is an impossible situation. what do we know about how he is doing some. >> well, obviously we can't see the boy.
12:35 pm
the sheriff wouldn't say whether authorities are able to hear the boy in the underground bunker. however, when asked, the sheriff said he feels the boy is still hanging in there. meanwhile, a former police officer is organizing a facebook event to collect birthday cards for the hostage's upcoming sixth birthday. >> we're expecting as of now probably a couple thousand cards, and it could grow. they're being mailed, delivered here to the town hall. so, anybody that wants to donate a card to this precious little boy. >> and lieutenant mcdaniel hopes to deliver the cards to the boy's family upon what everyone in this community is hoping will be his safe and quick release. shep? >> thanks so much. we'll get back to him. chris is with us now. a retired 24 year veteran with the fbi and a the lead
12:36 pm
kidnapping negotiator. he is the managing director in a risk management firm that works with corporations. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> i felt like -- it didn't take a genius to say he was saying things in a particular way to fulfill a promise or begin the process of fulfilling a promise with the suspect. >> well, the sheriff did great job. he is clearly in charge of the situation down there, and he is taking cues from the subject matter experts he has got and is listening to them. so they're in the process of slowly resolving this, and just exactly like he said, they want to make mr. dykes feel like he can safely tell his story and he can safely come out. >> he has a story that is important to him. clearly our understanding of things he is quite antigovernment in almost all ways and now i guess you need to help him feel like he is getting his story out maybe in hopes of getting the child out? >> and that is exactly it.
12:37 pm
even though what he did when he came on the bus seemed very offensive in nature. everything he has done down there has been very defensive in nature. so if they can help him understand he can get out of there safely and be a little less guarded, there's a really good chance they'll resolve this peacefully. >> listening earlier, and the doctor said some things that made sense. he said this man has gone against some of his own beliefs. for instance, when he killed the dog for coming across the street. these are things you might be able to point out with him and have him realize that he is not doing what he says should be done. >> that's a good point. and that's why in many cases the conversation takes so long. because people's actions don't always line up with their words, and if you have to point that out to him, you have to do it in a gentle fashion so they don't feel like they're being attacked. >> we haven't seen or heard from any of this child's family
12:38 pm
members. i'm guessing that's a calculated decision. is that a case-by-case basis or how do you make that decision? >> it's a very scary time for the family. they don't know what to do or who to turn to, and it's another indication of local law enforcement down there doing a really good job in supporting them. the fact they haven't felt like they were sound supported they had to go directly to the media. looks like they're doing great job. >> looks like the mom talked the "new york times" briefly and said she was on her last nerve and what mom wouldn't be. can't stop thinking about those people. >> what happens in this cases a lot of times is the families suffer post traumatic stress as much as the victims. so it's horrifying for them. >> chris, blight good of you. thank you. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. >> somebody murdered an american mother of two in turkey. we covered this story last week. now we know somebody bashed her head hard enough to kill her.
12:39 pm
why did she become a victim in a country she had never before visited? this is still an intriguing story, especially now with a life lost. details on the investigation right after this. [ female announcer ] today, jason is here
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12:43 pm
let most of the people go without make anything arrests. trace is covering the investigation for us this afternoon. the investigators say they finished the autopsy now. >> they finned it today and the dna samples have been turn over the crime lab, and the forensic lab is analyzing samples of sarai sierra's fingernail clip examination hair samples and other things found on a blanket near her body. the investigators say the nail scrapings may show she tried to fight off her attacker or attackeres. prosecutors have now taken blues and dna samples from 21 people they have already questioned, and the family says the fbi is involved. >> the fbi will handle that. they will tell us what is happening. right now they're still conducting an investigation, and the fbi has been very close with us. >> on top of that, the state department said it also is in
12:44 pm
contact with the authorities inside turkey. >> she had was a tourist, takes photographs, it was hobby, and she had contact with man from turkey? >> she had a contact with a man name kalen. it's not sure if that's his reel name. but on the day she disappeared she contacted him and they were going to meet at a bridge in istanbul and take pictures of it. kalen told turkish police the meeting never happened and she never showed up. police are looking at video to see if they are verify his story. he said they shared a love of photography but in no way had any kind of romantic relationship at all. of course he still is being questioned as part of the investigation. >> you know, one of the things that didn't make much sense to anybody was that she was going to turkey and going to be there for a trip and then local media reported she made a turn and
12:45 pm
went to berlin or something. is that true? >> it's very true. she went to germany and also went to the netherlands but also kind of documenting the entire trip. she was on instagram and would send these pictures from germany, from the netherlands back home, and she had 3,000 followers because of her pictures on instagram. so authorities say it's not like she was trying to hide something, was sneaking away on the trips. she went there because she wanted to photograph things. that's what authorities say. nothing they can find nefarious that czechs those trips to finding her body on saturday in turkey. >> all right. very interesting. thanks a lot. let's bring in the judge for his take on this complicated international investigation. fox 2's senior analyst. to get the bottom of this thing you got to go through all kinds of international law. >> yes, you do. now, the authorities in istanbul have a good reputation. it's a good law enforcement
12:46 pm
community. turkey is a secular country. law enforcement is not a bunch of religious fanatics. they enforce the law. they prosecutor it based on the evidence, not based on what we consider biases or prejudices, and they have a good relationship with the fbi. i don't think the fbi would be involved on the ground absent a variety of circumstances, like a suspicion the killer is american, because it is against american federal law for an american to kill another american in a foreign country, even though the killing took place in a foreign country i don't think the fbi would be involved unless the decedent was an employey of the federal government or involved in the american intelligence community, neither which answer to be the case now. so the fbi's role is probably one of comforting the family and providing them with information as opposed to doing investigator work on the grand. >> my guess is they'll work to get this figure out quickly. for a country that relies on tourism, this is going to be a tough thing. for americans consider going
12:47 pm
overseas it's another example you have to be careful. >> you do have to be careful, and does seem as though, she is the tragic and unfortunate victim of foul play. it doesn't appear this involved politics or religion or government in any way, but obviously the fbi wants to rule that out, and the turkish authorities want to rule that out as well. they will prosecute this aggressively for the reason you just said. tourism, particularly american dollars, is very, very important to the government to the tax collectors to the public, to the economy in turkey. this cannot go unsolved for very long. >> they welcome -- the turkish authorities and american authorities have work very well together. >> yes, they have, particularly the fbi and the national authorities in istanbul. it's a modern country, notwithstanding its ancient roots, and law enforcement is
12:48 pm
prudent in that respect. the fbi could bo there tomorrow. we have an agreement with them. they wouldn't because of the cost and they wouldn't unless they were invite bid the written agreement between our state department and their foreign ministry permits the fbi to go in there on a whim. they could woo do so only if u.s. law was triggered because she was u.s.a. government employee or killed be an american. >> thank you, judge. >> the energy don't has been hit -- energy department hayes been hit by a cyberattack so sophisticated that experts are looking at the chinese. so, what about all that classified information on employees computers? that's coming up. plus the super bowl ratings are in. they may not surprise you. oh!
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>> the national ratings are no for the super bowl. theser estimates. they take in the 50 largest cities and get the rest of the country later. they think 108 million viewer last night. the third largest audience for any television program in american history. the only two programs that had higher ratings were the previous two super bowls with the highest rated show of all time, last year's super bowl when the giants beat the patriots. don't know about during the power outage. know beyoncé's number at halftime -- whether the ratings went up or down when the lights win off, we don't know yet. people like train wrecks and this is a brilliant train wreck. >> a new saga -- the new secretary of state john kerry used his first day in the new
12:53 pm
office to promise to protect all u.s. diplomats. noting the deadly attack in libya, said that protection of all american diplomats will be a top priority. >> we are particularly reminded by the stevens and authority and tyrone woods and sean smith, and now everybody here still mourns that loss, and we will. so i pledge to you this. i will not let their patriotism and their bravery be obscured by politics. >> senior diplomatic sources tell fox news that secretary of state kerry went to walter reed national military hospital to talk to some of those wounded in the attacks. >> drivers parked their cars on top of a dead king. scientists confirmed that it
12:54 pm
beyond reasonable doubt that a 500 year old skeleton the found beneath a parking lot in a central british city belongs to richard iii. >> the analysis of the skeleton proves it was an adult mail with an unusually slender or almost feminine build of a main. this is in keeping with sources that say rich has a slender build. >> dna matched the same taken from a distant living relative of rich's sister. richard iii had a major thirst for power. apparently killing his young nephews to avoid rivalries. researches say the died in battle where his opponents stabbed him, strip him naked and throw him from the back of horse. an apparent knife wound in his rear end fits the story. stand him in the butt. >> that's how he deserved to go. >> wasn't a very nice chap. >> not very nice at all. i think some british kings are
12:55 pm
just best left forgotten and underneath the parking lot. >> this ring was short but memorable. >> he was brutal. he had a real quest for power. also not a nice man personally. he had one legitimate child, two illegitimate children, just a bad dude all around, iwonder what the reaction is to 500-year-old corpse coming up like that. >> we got prince charles who often looks like a 500-year-old corpse. >> what will they -- they're never going to let you back in the kingdom. >> i'm never going to request to back to the king come. they're going to interhim in the lister cathedral. >> it was all the chatter. >> they were -- yes, everybody
12:56 pm
was i twitter about it, all very odd. a bunch of bones. >> it's five minutes to 9:00 in london at the moment in the evening as they pass supertime. it's -- >> the bbc9:00 news is no doubt leading on the butt stabbing skeleton. >> i like it. so six minutes from now people in england will be switching over to get their fill of butt stabbing. >> i think they probably well. what better thing to do at 9:00 p.m. on a monday night. >> than butt stabbing? oh. we'll be back.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
>> there's been a new series of high profile cyberattacks and it's posting the united states to take stronger measures on cybersecurity. hackers reportedly hacked the energy department, one that compromised the personal information of several hundred

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